I commissioned Lisa to create a piece that symbolized the status and the continued development of my spirituality. This undoubtedly was not an easy task as she had to incorporate my personal requirements into her creative process. I was thrilled with the results, and the piece hangs in my living room today. I look at it every day and feel the connection that I wanted it to represent.
Steve Fante, Aspen
"Lisa Shackelford's passion for painting leaps off the canvas...I have a pair of Lisa's paintings over my bed and they bring me comfort and joy in their understated elegance"
Alison Agley, Aspen
As a classic "I know what I like when I see it" collector, I have been drawn to Lisa Shackelford's expressive works for many years. Her paintings are unexpectedly powerful -- a discovery I remake daily as I experience the mood-setting force exerted by Lisa's works that hang in my home. A large commissioned piece by Lisa is the dominant work in the living area of my home while another, I feel, assures my guests of an interesting meal as it presides in the dining room. Lisa's photographs are equally exciting and the two I am proud to own continue to reveal their mysteries even after years of enjoyment.
O'Lene Stone, San Antonio
My home is enhanced by several expressions of Lisa's artistic talent. The most complimented piece of art in my home is the custom glass art framed and lighted in the dining room that is the focus in the entry way. This unique and beautiful art work creates a marvelous first impression and sets the tone as guests walk down the hall. In the entry hall there is also a custom acrylic painting with amazing texture, color, movement and depth. A third mode of expression I enjoy is the picture of my dad and me photographed by Lisa outside the McNay Art Gallery. Lisa's versatility as an artist has made her work such a strong presence in my favorite place to be -- my home.
Valerie Mead, San Antonio
2010 Lisa Shackelford
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