About My Work


I am inspired by color. All colors are my favorites…from the whitest white, all the way through to the blackest black. I choose the color palate first, then begin the painting. What comes after that can surprise even me. Sometimes I will have a particular technique in mind, and stay with it. When creating a series, for example, I’ll stay in the same technique. At other times, it completely changes as I move within the canvas. That is how new techniques & styles are born. Each style tends to refine itself with time.

Unlike many artists, I love to do commission work, and am thrilled with the challenge it creates. Visiting a space (home, commercial or office) inspires me to then create a beautiful painting, or series of paintings, for that particular environment. I work closely with my clients, and I actively enjoy the process of coming to understand their vision. It’s this process that allows me to capture the client’s ideas, and desires for the feel and visual sense of the painting, as well as the room. My passion and ultimate goal is to be able to make an interior come alive, and be a visual delight to those who live, work, or visit it.

This connection to clients is at the core of my photographic work, as well. I love to photograph people and pets. I spend time with my clients to get to know them, their family & lifestyle first. This enables me to bring out the essence of a personality in a photograph.

No matter what the medium, capturing the essence is what it’s all about! lisa

2010 Lisa Shackelford
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